November 2017

Paulette Reed

I am opening a new door for you, says the Lord. A door no man can open, and no man can close. This door is open to your beautiful future. This door is colored with promises like my bow in the sky. It swings wide when My opportunities present themselves, and it closes when the enemy is lurking on the other side.

For I am empowering, equipping and mobilizing my people like never before. Do not hesitate and say, “This door seems stuck, or this door is for someone else.” For I am opening a new door for you and we will walk hand in hand, together in the cool of the day. Remain in peace for you know my voice and will not go to the left or the right.

Do not hesitate when I stand at the door and knock for I long to dine with you; yes you. Did I not say, that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few? Today is your day to enter the harvest. I am calling you to step through the door. . . it’s your turn. For I am the door, and anyone who enters through me finds increase.

This delightful door holds the key to revelation as the earth has never known. You have been given the Master key, and as you trust and gain access, the moment you place the key in the tumbler, there will be a momentum that cannot be stopped. You will step over the earthly threshold and into heavenly outpourings of my glory. Be prepared for signs and wonders to follow you, the believer.