During challenging times of change and upheaval, there is one constant you can always rely on – God! He never changes. His promises are always yes and amen. And His word never fails!

God is in the business of restoration – it’s what He does! The enemy robs, kills and destroys, but God has promised abundant life! God sent His son Jesus to restore and recover all, demolishing every plan of the enemy.


It is my desire that this book will help, as love is perfected in you! May it be a tool as you obey the great commandments – loving God and unconditionally loving those He brings across your path. Love is a force that flows from the heart of God into our hearts and then out of our hearts into others. Love takes us from glory to glory from strength to strength. It’s a powerful, life-changing force from Above. Love Never Fails

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 You Can Recover All!


A Powerful Force 

Paulette helps you understand the process you are going through and how to turn a painful or baffling situation into something that the Lord will use for His glory. You are encouraged to call upon other keys crucial to fulfillment of God's ultimate purpose and destiny for your life.

Extreme Decrees
     for Extreme Times

Keys for Accelerated Change