​Paulette Reed

The Royal Wedding

I’ve never really liked those movies or stories that begin with the end in view. But as Holy Spirit gave me this message, that’s exactly how it played out and I actually enjoyed it. 

In a previous article regarding events to unfold in 2013, I wrote about “The Royal Crown” and described a vision the Lord gave me of the unveiling of the bride. Of course, at an earthly wedding, the unveiling would expose the bride’s face or true identity to all who were present. I believe we can liken this tradition to our heavenly Father lifting the veil off the Bride of Christ as the whole world looks on. 

Let’s use our sanctified imaginations and picture our heavenly Bridegroom waiting for His glorious Bride at the end of a long aisle. The heavenly Father tightly squeezes the Bride’s hand as He has done for many years, leading her to an eternal destination. But if we look closely, we can see a tear rolling down the Father’s cheek. It appears to be a bittersweet day as He gives the Bride away. But He knows the time is now and He has waited centuries for this dream to come true—the greatest Royal Wedding ever. The house is in divine order and ready for the glorious dream to come to pass. 

As believers enter this final script on earth there is no time for any retakes. So, as the Bride has made herself ready in accordance with the Holy Scriptures in Revelation 19, and she is shining as was prophesied in Isaiah 60, the Father unveils her radiant face before the wedding. 

Here Comes the Dreamer

Wouldn’t it be great if all dreams came true easily? Just one swish of a magic wand and a quick, “ta-da,” and our Father comes

downt o join us as we enter the King’s  palace (Psalm 45:15). In reality, however, if we rewind to the Old Testament, we can see how some dreams seem to begin as nightmares as they unfold on the stage of life. One example of this is the life of Joseph. 

Joseph was only seventeen years old when he began pasturing the flock with his brothers (Genesis 37:2). They knew that their father loved Joseph more than them; so his brothers hated him (Genesis 36:4). We can surely learn from the mistakes of Joseph’s brothers here. If there are times during our Christian walk, beloved, when we sense a spirit of jealousy at work, we must quickly recognize it for what it is and refuse to give it any power. We must take every thought captive to be obedient to Christ Jesus and remember that we are all God’s masterpieces. 

Joseph began to have God-dreams, just like thousands of people are having today as we live out the prophecy of Joel 2:28. God, in His sovereignty, gave Joseph a dream in which he was reigning over his brothers (Genesis 37:7). So Joseph, without thinking much about it, shared his dream with them, and they were shocked, saying, “Are you going to reign over us?” And the Bible says “they hated him even more.” Sounds like we should only share our dreams with like-minded people, huh?

But, despite all humanness, the dreams of God just kept coming to Joseph. In fact, they intensified and in the next one even the sun, moon, and the eleven stars were bowing down to him. We see wisdom in Jacob’s response as Joseph tells him about the dreams—even as Joseph’s brothers continued their jealously, his father “kept the saying in his mind.” Let’s take note: Jacob didn’t judge or gossip, but simply kept still and trusted God.

Pit Stop 

Later on, Joseph’s brothers went to the pasture to tend the flock and his father told him to go and join them. In his

immediate obedience to his father, Joseph went, not even considering the evil plan that was in store for him. Perhaps he knew that delayed obedience can be disobedience. You see, no matter how many times our Father tells us to “go tend the sheep,” we must go. Even if there’s mocking, doubt, or disbelief among our “families,” we must go in obedience to His word. For someday we will look our Father in the eyes and there mustn’t be any doubt clouding our vision.

When Joseph’s brothers saw him coming, they said, “Oh, here comes the dreamer. Let’s throw him in the pit and we’ll say that a wild beast devoured him.” Have you ever heard that before? A mocking spirit saying, “Oh, here comes the dreamer,” trying to kill the dream God placed within you? 

So the brethren stripped Joseph of the coat of many colors his father made for him (being symbolic of authority), and into the pit he went—in the wilderness no less! Can you imagine the abandonment Joseph must have felt? In contemporary  vernacular we might call this “getting thrown under the bus.” Fortunately Rueben, the eldest brother, the seer (re'u means “to see”), spoke up and suggested they not take Joseph’s life or shed blood. He thought it best they just throw him into the pit and not lay hands on him (Genesis 37:22), all the while intending to rescue his younger sibling and restore him to his father.

Joseph had just been thrown into the pit when his brothers sat down to eat. And when the brothers raised their eyes, they saw a caravan of Ishmaelites coming with their camels, carrying aromatic gum, balm, and myrrh (Genesis 37:25). So they decided, rather than kill their brother, they would make a profit off of him and sell him into slavery. They simply pulled him up from the cistern and sold him to the caravan, and he was taken off into Egypt. Don’t you just hate it when that happens—you get sold out?

The Father’s Heart 

After Joseph was sold into slavery, his brothers took his tunic, killed a goat, and dipped it in blood. Then they took the coat to their father to tell him that Joseph had been killed (Genesis 37:33). Jacob could not be comforted, and he wept and wept because he had lost his highly favored son (who was a type of Christ). The Father heart of God can be seen in Jacob’s expression of grief—oh, the immeasurable love of our Father for us! 

But the good news is that even though Joseph was sold out by his brothers and carried off into slavery, the Lord was with him(Genesis 39:2). Isn’t it wonderful to know that when the presence of the Lord is dwelling within us, no matter what the enemy meant for harm, God intends it for good? And God’s presence caused Joseph to find favor with everyone he met; and everything he did prospered (Genesis 39:2-4)—so much so that when Potiphar, his master, met him, he was impressed with God’s favor and blessing on Joseph, and decided to put him in charge of his entire house. Wonderful! Things were starting to look up for him…maybe this dream of his would be fulfilled. 

But after some time, Potiphar’s wife wanted to lay with him. Day after day, Joseph, being a man of character and a person who feared and respected God, refused temptation.Unfortunately though, there was a day Potiphar’s wife caught hold of his garment, and when Joseph tried to get away, his garment was left behind in her hands. She immediately screamed, trying to make it look like Joseph tried to force himself on her and then ran away when she screamed (Genesis 39:12). Well, well…a trap set by the devil. Here’s a good reason for accountability and traveling in twos, like Jesus instructed His disciples to do. God wants us to be people of character and integrity. Why allow the enemy to falsely accuse us if we’re alone with the enemy? 

So Joseph was taken to prison. Shoot! Things are starting to look bad again. But wait…even while he was imprisoned, the Lord was with Joseph (Genesis 39:21). And again, God caused all he did to prosper and gave him favor even in the midst of imprisonment (Genesis 39:21, 23). Next, Pharaoh’s butler and baker were put in prison while Joseph was there, and they both had dreams on the same night. Joseph interpreted the dreams and within three days, what Joseph interpreted came to pass. Then two years later Pharaoh had a dream, and when no one could interpret it, the butler suddenly remembered what Joseph had done. So after Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, Pharaoh was pleased with him and set Joseph up to be second under his command. Wow, talk about your gifts making room for you! (Proverbs 18:16).

Bring My Father Down Here

Now, it’s sad to say there was a famine in the land of Egypt for seven years. After that time, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to get some food just to stay alive (Genesis 45:1). Oh my goodness, now here’s Joseph with plenty of provision for everyone, still “feeding the sheep.” Can you imagine? It had been 20 years since Joseph had seen his brothers and they had sold him into slavery. But what they meant for evil, God meant for good and to preserve life. Joseph’s dream was being fulfilled as they bowed down to him, asking for food. Even though Joseph had every right to be bitter and angry with his family for trying to crush his dreams, he chose to deal kindly with them. He forgave them! And he finally revealed himself to them: “I am Joseph (the dreamer).” But listen, oh, this is so important, friends! What does Joseph say next? “Is my father still alive?” (Genesis 45:3). 

Joseph wanted his brothers to hurry back and get hisfather, because God had given him dominion over his sphere of influence(Genesis 45:9). As excited as Joseph was to see his brothers, he was even more excited to see his father and wanted to know about Jacob’s welfare. I’m sure there wasn’t a day that passed where Joseph didn’t think about this father’s welfare. He wanted his brothers to tell Jacob of all the splendor (kabowd—abundance, riches, honor, glory, dignity, reverence) in Egypt that he had stored up over the previous seven years, and that there was more than enough so they could live. His request was this: “Bring my father down here!”

Joseph was ecstatic to hear that his father was still alive and we can almost hear him saying, “Tell him I made it! Tell him I reached my destiny despite all odds!” It seems that more than anything, Joseph wanted his father to know that his dream had come to pass! Even though he was hated by his own brothers, put in a pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused, and thrown into prison, it was the very pathway God used to bring his dream into reality. Joseph wanted to receive the blessing of his father for his children. Oh beloved, in the same way, we cry out, saying, “Bring my Father down here!” We want to show Him that we’ve made ourselves ready and are filling the earth with His splendor! We want to tell Him that we’re turning the hearts of the children to the fathers and fulfilling our heavenly destinies despite all odds. Oh, how we long to hear our Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

A Proud Papa

I believe the story of Joseph is where we’re at in the Body of Christ today. The Father is about to show off the Bride and revealHissplendor through His precious children! I also believe this unveiling will make some feeluncomfortable; but the Father wants you to shout to the world—the great things He has done in your life. For those who have stayed true in the darkness will not even notice the spotlight. And, if you’re anything like me, you want to show your Father off as well—doing great exploits in His name! 

The truth is that the third person of the Trinity, Holy Spirit, lives inside of each believer, and He exists to glorify the Father. And the apostle Paul teaches that whatever we look at we become: “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18). Oh, how the glory of God’s Spirit must radiate out of our lives, declaring Him to all we encounter. 

Here’s how the psalmist prophetically declares your victory from the pit to the palace: “The princess is in the palace—how beautiful she is! Her gown is made of gold thread. In her colorful gown she is led to the king, followed by her bridesmaids, and they also are brought to him. With joy and gladness they come and enter the king's palace” (Psalm 45:13-15 GNT). 

His Ways are Higher 

Indeed, Joseph reached his destiny, but it wasn’t the way he thought it would be. God actually took him to a new geographical location, with new people, new surroundings, and folks he didn’t even particularly want to be with. God is about to show off His splendor and wonder in your life too! And the dreams that are within you are getting ready to come to pass. Everything that has been happening in your life is part of God’s plan to get you to the place where your destiny is fulfilled.   

What is your dream, friend? I decree and declare today, “Here comes the dreamer! Full of the dreams of God and ready to go where He goes, say what He says, and do what He does.”

There you have it. We’ve seen the end of the movie (our destiny), but how we get there is oftentimes veiled from our eyes. We must trust God through every situation and remember that faith is taking one step at a time. Even when we can’t see exactly where we’re going, we know that the Lord is with us, giving us favor and blessing us wherever we go.