​Paulette Reed

Having returned from a 12-day tour in Northern and Southern Ireland, the Lord gave me a word regarding unity that can be applied to all believers. In John 17:22 Jesus says, “The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one.”  

​The Lord is asking us for continual surrender to His ways as He gives us HIS GLORY, which is power that can create unity in the Body of Christ. 

After all, we are going to be together for eternity and it will be too late to grasp for unity “on the way up” when the trumpet sounds. 

And the Lord would say:

I have said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.[i] So I ask you today, Can a nation divided stand? But wait! Look! Ireland is one! One with the Father and one with the Son.[ii] Ireland is the land of the green; the land of prosperity, life, and growth. And Ireland is merging and fusing together…more than ever before.

And people will look from afar and say, “How did they do that? How is it so?” It is My glory that makes you all whole. “Oh, I see,” the people say. It was grace and it was LOVE, a supernatural gift that flows from Above.

My beautiful people, My Irish, I say. They arose and awakened to My wooing this day. And how could it be said the people far off, that a nation that looked like two from a scoff, is really just like Siamese twins joined at birth and never really parted.  For the North and the South shall have the same heart and it shall beat with the rhythm of Heaven. “But how can this be? How is it so?” By Me, says the Great Jehovah!  By MY LOVE, not yours and by my Spirit rather than by your might or power. 

For I am about to move, says the Lord. I am about to pour My love out from Heaven in a supernatural way and with supernatural proportions! [iii] But not so much in a gentle fashion, says the King, for it will be like a surge of lightening. I am about to set Ireland ablaze and everyone will be amazed.  And you and the people from afar will see My glory, like the Bright Morning Star.  And souls shall come into the Kingdom says God.  First one by one, then by the hundreds and then by the thousands, says the King. For My glory shall accompany the Revival of Love and everything is eclipsed by My glory.

The love of God shall melt the hearts of the Irish—of the Irish, oh, the green.[iv] I love My beautiful Ireland. And I am about to send days of Sonshine like never before.[v] And this will be a sign that will make people wonder. For they will say, “This has never happened before. We are used to the rain and the rain and the rain.”

But the Lord says, Now I am sending My glory to reign and reign and reign.[vi] I am sending My blessings to be poured out from Heaven.[vii] And the green of the land will become very prosperous, for the trees and flowers shall blossom like never before. [viii]For as the sun shines for days and days on end, the fruition of the land shall explode. And this will be a sign that will make people wonder—first in the natural, and then in the supernatural[ix]—huge fruits and huge vegetation.[x]

For the seeds of the land and the seeds of the spirit have been soaking and soaking, and are now about to burst. For a seed must fall to the ground and die before it bears much fruit.[xi] And many, many seeds have fallen to the ground, and they have been soaking in the rains. And now MY SON shall come, and it’s only Him that causes growth.[xii] And the Holy Spirit, Ruach, shall blow on the seeds and the life shall spread from the North to the South;[xiii] the foliage of the Spirit shall bury the imaginary line drawn by man.

And people from afar will say, “How did this happen? How did this little island make the map around the world?” Oh beloved, they all are royalty, they all are My priesthood, says the Lord and it is time to arise and shine.[xiv] And tears will flow with repentance like a river. And tears of sorrow will flow into the river of God, and the people shall be cleansed and made pure.[xv] They shall flow out of the river of God washed, and cleansed, running freely with life, life, life. Surrender, surrender, says the Lord. Surrender to My sovereignty, Ireland. For you are a beautiful people with a beautiful future, and you shall stand united and stronger than ever before.

For this is a season of great, great harvest so march on and on.  And the people from afar will say, how did this happen?  How is it so?  And Ireland will respond, ONLY GOD…only God.