Paulette Reed


Thousands of Seniors, those 55 and better, have been lied to for centuries by the father of lies. Who said you are too old? Who told you that?

For the Lord would say, Abraham was ninety-nine when I appeared to him. And, Sarah thought she was old, too. But, I Am is hovering over you in your golden years. I Am is looking for those who truly believe that the latter glory is greater than the  former. I Am about to move mightily among the seniors who believe. 

For I will come back next year, and you will have given birth to a dream. Do not laugh and say I cannot birth the dreams of God because I am too old. Sarah laughed inside and said to herself, "How can I have a child, I'm almost one hundred years old?"  But, she did see My promise fulfilled. I say again today, is anything too difficult for the Lord?

Take on your new name, not your former. For this is your true identity to carry you into your destiny.  You cannot have the second without the first.

A flame will start and spread across the nations because I make My ministers flames of fire.  Flames will appear on each one, and you will see the power of God; it is not to be denied.  You will see restoration, revival, and reformation burst forth from the embers as never before, and the nations will come to the light.  

I am about to birth the dreams of God in My Seniors. I am about to bless you, and again, I will bless you. I am calling you to the frontlines

Who said birthing must be difficult and painful? I say I am about to visit you and fill you with strength, mercy, power, and faithfulness. Wise angels will be assisting at conception, labor, and delivery of My promises. Businesses, books, ministries, churches and more will be birthed supernaturally with ease. For you have been tried and tested. You have been disciplined, chastened and brought through the fire as pure gold. Gold is the latter glory; it is greater than the former.

Abraham and Sarah named the baby Isaac, which means “He laughs,” and Sarah said, "God has brought laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh with me."  You too will laugh. You too will carry joy unspeakable for the world to see.

I am about to visit those who believe and bless you, so you can bless nations.