Connect, Empower, Equip, and Mobilize

1.  Vision casting for seniors living their life to the fullest and breaking the demonic mindset in society.

2. Fellowship and connection. People can connect to the SOFL LOCAL groups through "Seniors Connect" once a month.  At these meetings they can enjoy one another, feel a part, loved, and accepted.  There will be a biblical theme each month that individuals will be able to share into. This theme will pertain to practical things they might face in life as seniors…it will be relevant topics to what seniors deal with in their faith and everyday walk. They can experience hospitality, encouragement, and love in these groups.  It is a good place for new people in the church to get to know each other - to be introduced and celebrated.  The Seniors Connect groups will also receive invitation and information on other SOFL events, programs and outreaches.

3.  Prayer (with worship) is important and there should be a committed and serious core team of intercessors who intercede for the local seniors, the LOCAL SOFL and the GLOBAL SOFL.  

4.  Bible Studies are also part of the vision for LOCAL SOFL.  We are in the midst of building Bible Study resources to help seniors live a powerful and fulfilled life.  Weekly Bible studies build faith, fellowship, and insights into the word of God. Personal prayer and ministry can also take place at these meetings.  Bible Study and prayer meetings could be combined.  

5.  Outreach.  An important aspect of SOFL is outreach.  Giving ourselves to the needs of others is what the gospel is all about.  There needs to be an outlet to give out Some seniors have led teams to the inner city.  We have had seniors going to Cambodia.  The possibilities are endless. 

6. Quarterly Local Gatherings. LOCAL SOFL groups could bring in special speakers quarterly with worship, preaching, prophetic ministry, etc. 

We're honored and excited to fulfill the mandate from the Lord to build SENIORS ON THE FRONTLINES, at both the local and global levels.  As our prototype is created, we will be releasing more information and hosting more conferences.  We look forward to serving you!