​Joyce Euren

Are you in the senior stage of life? Author Joyce Euren invites you to make these the best, most exciting and rewarding years of your life - not only as the golden years, but also as The Glory Years.

 She writes, "Being a senior does not mean that we need to sit back and watch the world go by. Most of the time, in our senior years we are finally able to do some of the things we longed to do all of our lives. What is your dream? Do you think you are too old? Too tired? Too sick? ... A new perspective on what your years ahead can offer will help you overcome and live well."

- Good Thinkin' & Good Talkin' 
- Living in the Realm of intimacy with God
- Widows and Widowers



Patricia King

Are you 55 or over? Then this book is for you – the best is yet to come! God promises that the glory of the “latter house” will be greater than the former – that means He is in the business of not only restoring but making better as we progress in years. This new book from Patricia King exposes the lie of culture that we are to slow down and check out as we grow older, and replaces it with the Kingdom truth that we are called to be full of vision, purpose and productivity all the days of our life. From scriptural insights to practical tips and inspiring stories, Patricia will help you grab hold of a whole new way of living in the second half of life – a way that plugs you into God’s Anti-Aging Plan so you can enjoy your best years in the years to come!