I see a company of radical believers in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond arising in these days. This generation is invited by the Spirit of God to experience personal revival that will reignite their passion and their purpose. They are a generation full of wisdom and zeal, and they carry dreams yet to be fulfilled. Their latter glory will be greater than the former. I see them walking with those of the younger generation and empowering them with encouragement in their destiny callings.

They are gathering together with excitement for the future fully confident that God’s plan is for their latter days to be filled with fruitfulness and fulfilled dreams. They are redefining the concept and perspective of “senior” to be that of honor, power, and hope. They will be a sought-after and honored generation. Many in their senior years will rise into places of predominance and leadership in their fields of service.
This generation of seniors will manifest strength, fruitfulness, prosperity, vision and longevity more than any generation of seniors since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They will produce more fruit in their latter days with less effort than they put forth in their former years.

Financial increase and sudden provisional surprises will come to them. Favor will rest upon this generation and a wave of healing, health, and rejuvenation in body, soul, and spirit will visit them. They will be filled with joy that overflows! They will step into supernatural realms of glory and power in ways that the world will have no doubt that God is in the midst of them. They will finish strong and there will be many who will live to over one hundred years of age enjoying active and productive lives.”

Patricia King

  Will Arise and Shake off Restricting Mindsets in 2017 

God is moving powerfully among seniors. A company of those who are 55+ years of age will shatter the lies concerning their generation. Donald Trump, who is the oldest man ever to become president of the USA, is a sign and first fruits of this great and influential company of seniors. 

Many of those who are 55+ will arise and step into fulfillment of destiny and will boldly march forward to the frontlines of Kingdom service. They will be effective and powerful in Kingdom advancement. Many will pursue new interests and education. A new breed of seniors is arising who will defy the expectation of deterioration of body and soul in the latter years. They will testify that their latter years are truly more glorious and fruitful than the former. Many new materials, resources, and opportunities will be birthed for seniors in 2017.

Patricia King  

    A Word to the Older Generation: Refire, Don't Retire! 

This is an urgent message I am hearing from the Holy Spirit for all of us, but especially to our "old-timers." Society, with a retirement expectation of age 65, has set many up for shrinking back from what should be the most fruitful years of our lives. Literally, many are defaulting from their most significant days of destiny. We have been coaxed and deceived into retiring when we should be RE-FIRING. However, the Holy Spirit is now igniting this most significant part of His army.

Watch out world for the rising refirees! An army of the over 70's is about to shake off old paradigms and will courageously arise and be the new Joshua's and Caleb's of this day. It is significant that we are not only in a Jubilee year, but in the 70th Jubilee year since Joshua and Caleb - the two oldest men in Israel who led the children of Israel into their Promised Land. These two "old men" were the heroic leaders into a destiny that had been delayed for 40 years.

Today we see a spark of this refiring "anointing" on the lives of men like Donald Trump, age 70, and Bernie Sanders, age 74 (whether you agree with their politics or not). I was in Peru, and the first time President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - is 77 years old. For some reason, suddenly even young people are responding to the "aged." Men and women, who could choose to retire and just rest on their laurels, are being motivated to arise and contend for a better day for the next generation.

This natural trend is speaking into what we will begin to see more and more of as a spiritual trend. If you are over 70, get ready to break off old mindsets and begin to gear yourself up for expanded participation. It will require faith and courage, but you have no business trying to finish your days with anything less than that anyway. Break off the orphan spirit that tells you to "make sure and cover yourself for every potential health/economic disaster," then step into some new great adventures with God!

70 is the New 50

We are in a new day when life expectancy is up and this is only going to increase. Here in Los Angeles, there are billboards that already announce that babies born today will average living until 100 years old. This longevity phenomenon will even be more pronounced as we begin to experience increasing waves of His glory in our meetings and into our cities. By the next generation, it will be common to be 100 years old and still have a good spark of life. We must begin to recognize this trend and position ourselves accordingly for expanded fruitfulness.

I believe the Lord has shown me that there is a great wrong in that we have the over 65 crowd beginning to "park their wisdom and resources" at a time He has destiny breakthroughs and even great prosperity available for them. This may upset some who are expecting inheritances from their retiring parents, but there is a lot of money being put away for inheritance that needs to be activated into ministry/investments and other present day economic advancements.

It is amazing that almost every inheritance story I am aware of right now is a bad one with family infighting and broken relationships as the normal collateral damage of processing the supposed blessing of inheritance. I know it doesn't have to be this way and there are exceptions, but this is a real present day reality. Parents who retired from mainstream participation in life for 20 or 30 years held onto their resources to only watch their kids then lock down in infighting or bitternesses over what was left them.

I strongly sense and hear the Lord saying not to shift into retirement mode, when refirement for a next stage of destiny is in order.

Your Old Men Will Dream Dreams

Acts 2:17 tells us of a day when the Holy Spirit would be poured out in a new measure and that one of the effects would be "old men dreaming dreams." I believe we are in such a day as that now, and even the AzusaNow event (4/19) of this year was speaking into that. The word "dream" in the original Greek is a word enypniázomai that means "to dream divinely suggested dreams." When old men dream these type of dreams it means they have been re-fired for now living out these dreams. It is a reawakening of that which would be considered a youthful operation.

Joseph had dreams at age 17 that he then stepped into living over the next decades of his life. The Holy Spirit is pouring out on all flesh, but the pouring out on the "old men" is so that they put retirement focus on hiatus and run with new dreams. It is an invitation to a life of adventures with God that will be greatly rewarding. Your physical body will begin to take its new cue and begin to repair itself and sustain you for great years of Kingdom advancement and personal growth with God.

Supernatural Recovery From Anything

I hear the Lord saying that if you have had strokes, heart attacks, cancers and whatever else, He will come on you and begin to restore you physically. Some of you may need to make some practical adjustments in your diet, nutrition, and any lack of exercise routines, but He will be pouring out increased understanding and help even in that area.

I believe He wants to progressively lead many of you away from dependence on pills and drugs that mute your drives and passions and into upgraded ways He wants you to head towards healthiness. There is a lot of faulty "medical wisdom" as it relates to cholesterol, blood pressure, and other matters that have many of the older crowd on drugs that are muting their spirits and actually harming their overall health. Incontrovertible new wisdom will prove this and is coming in as part of God's grace for us. The Holy Spirit is going to be our Helper here as well.

The Drug of the Wrong Narrative

Of course, the worst "drug" many Christian old-timers are taking is the drug of the wrong narrative. This wrong narrative says we are in the worst of days and that Jesus is coming any moment to rescue us out of the mess of these days. These are actually the days of the greatest Kingdom advancements ever and Jesus is going to come THROUGH us in a mighty way before He comes FOR us. When you understand Scriptures' timetable for when Christ returns, you realize that He is not coming to rescue a people or a bride but only to celebrate with a victorious people and a "without spot or wrinkle" glorious Bride (Eph. 5:27).

Acts 3:21 confirms to us that He is "held in the heavens" UNTIL an era of restoration has been fulfilled - that we are only just now beginning. The enemy has sold us a drug of a false narrative of the day. This "drug" disempowers more "old men and women" than any other drug, and if you are going to be refired you have to abandon that storyline. What you think about God is the most important thing about you and you need to start getting some better thoughts about God and His capabilities. The Kingdom age has just begun and there is unprecedented Kingdom territory for the taking - and He wants His "old-timers," His wisest and best funded sons and daughters, fully engaged in the assignment/adventure.

All the above mentioned health considerations, as well as Alzheimers and other mental deficiencies, are going to be regularly and easily healed. Believe it, agree with it, contend for it and watch it happen.

Yes, there is also a major call upon the next generation to run with amazing things from God, but God is speaking right now of the amazing things He has for those who have thought the sun is setting on their lives and efforts. Yes, you want to hand off the baton to the next generation, but you don't do that until you finish running your race. Your race is done when you are dead and not before. Don't pull yourself out of the race at age 65, or 70, or 75, or 80 or even 100 - just because some paradigms lean that way. You may shift out of what you were doing, but don't shift "out of doing". Great gains are in order for those who will stay doing Kingdom business.

Arise Game-changers

Arise you "old men" and you "old women." It is time to dream dreams. It is time to start playing a role in those new dreams. It is time to risk some retirement and inheritance monies for Kingdom adventures with God. Not ironically, almost across the board you will find that you will leave your kids and grandkids with more resources than what you were going to leave them. However, the greater resource you will leave them with is the resource of faith and courage - as my parents left me. It has served me better than a million dollars.

Find something or someone to get behind and bring your wisdom, your resources, your time and your energy, whichever you have, and be the difference makers. You, the discounted "old" ones, are the present and future game-changers. REFIRE NOW!

Johnny Enlow

Radical Believers