Trust as Worship

​Paulette Reed

A few days ago I woke up with Abraham on my mind. I wrote down my thoughts and Holy Spirit spoke to me about going back to the basics of Christianity. The gospel is so simple, if we let it be. Beloved, may your faith be stirred up by this short writing.

John 2:24 says, Jesus didn’t trust men (mankind), because he knew human nature. No one needed to tell him what mankind was really like. However, God does trust the spirit of God in us (II Corinthians 4:7) to fulfill His Kingdom on earth … as it is in Heaven. The Lord chose us, we didn’t choose Him (John 15:16). So, TRUST THEN BECOMES A VERY HIGH FORM OF WORSHIP to the Lord. That’s why the devil ...tries to steal trust (John 10:10).

Take a look at Abraham, the father of faith. He trusted God so much that he was ready to be obedient and sacrifice the son he loved dearly. His love for Isaac was so pure that it’s the first occurrence of the word “love” in the Old Testament. Abraham’s trust in God was so great he was willing to lay his miracle on the altar. The long-awaited dream delivered at age 100. Abraham trusted God so much that even as he headed toward “one of the mountains” to do something that made no sense to the human mind, he said, “WE” will go worship and “WE” will come back (Genesis 22). So, even when his hand was trembling, holding a knife, Abraham KNEW that he and his son, his dream, would return . . . full of life and life abundantly. He KNEW that if he laid his miracle on the altar, the God of redemption would show Himself mighty!! He KNEW that God would provide everything he needed…as he stepped out in obedience. Sure enough! There was the lamb, the sacrifice, caught right in the thicket. Abraham passed the test of faith, the test of trust and he called the hard place, “The Lord Will Provide.” And THEN the Lord BLESSED him and his family (that’s us) and all the nations of the earth.

Perhaps you’re in a test. Are you worshiping the dream or the Dream Giver? Are you moving in fear or stepping out in trust? You’re never too old to fulfill the dreams of God. The true Lamb of God paid it all; just for you…His name is Jesus. He’s the REDEEMER. He redeems people, love, hope, joy, faith, trust and the dreams of God. Look around, friend, and trust the spirit of God in mankind. Perhaps you’re surrounded by providers and don’t even know it. Go up the mountain and worship and give thanks, even, especially, when things don’t seem to make sense to the finite mind.

We serve a God who surely wants to bless you!